About me

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a drive to engage developers through developer advocacy.

Here is a brief detail on my experiences and interests.

My Backpack

I have experience working with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Tailwind, CSS
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • REST
  • GraphQL

RapidAPI DevRel

I advocate for APIs on RapidAPI’s Learn platfrom to make API development a better experience for developers. I have:

  • Written 120+ guides on all things APIs, API dev-tools, and developer experience
  • Coded 25+ interactive components in TypeScript, Tailwind, and Next.js to make content interactive for developers
  • Coded and deployed 22 dev-demo applications using APIs from RapidAPI Hub and Next.js for RapidAPI’s example.

Open Source and Google Summer of Code

I often find myself contributing to Open Source Softwares, with contributions to many projects. Google summer of code, an international internship program organized by Google with an 18% acceptance rate and 30,922 applicants, selected me for an open source program.

  • I proposed, designed, built, and deployed four stable releases for the official licensing plugin for Creative Commons, and it went live on 1K+ websites.
  • Based on React and PHP, the plugin is in production, and millions of people are able to license their content easily.

I completed the program successfully with positive reviews from my mentors as well as reviewers from GSoC.

Talks and Writes

I love organizing, attending and speaking on tech conferences (see the cover image above? ). My most recent talk was about GitHub Actions, in WordSesh which is attended by a large number of developers every year.

I also write content for developers including my experiences, progamming guides, learning curves and more on my blog.